Mother & Baby – Oct 2017 (Baby Shusher)

Mother & Baby - Oct 2017

KidStyleFile – Nov 2016 (Baby Shusher)

KidStyleFile - Nov 2016


BW Magazine – Nov 2016 (Baby Shusher)

BW Magazine - Nov 2016

FiftyUp Club podcast – Nov 2016 (Baby Shusher)


KID Magazine – Oct/Nov 2016 (Baby Shusher)

KID Magazine - Oct/Nov 2016

The Living Room – Season 4, Episode 30 (Baby Shusher)

The Living Room - S4 Ep30

The Baby Shusher has been featured across many media platforms globally, including television, newspaper, magazine and digital. The Baby Shusher has been featured on Keeping up with the Kardashians, ABC News USA, Who wants to be a Millionaire, Rachel Ray and Flipping Out, amongst others. shusherasseenon